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Rate: 1 WMZ = 58.6 WMR
Reserve: 373559.67 WMR
Choose the type of title characters, who want to give (Webmoney WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME, Privat24, Visa, Mastercard), then the one that you want get. If there is no sufficient funds to automatic instant exchange, place an order for the exchange of all equal opportunities. In this case, as soon as funds are available, you by e-mail will be sent instructions to continue the exchange electronic money Webmoney wmz, wmr, wmu, wme, wmb, wmg. If you there is a promo code (code that provides one-time discount), it can point in requesting the AutoExchange Webmoney and get a discount exchange. Payment of the order is made within 15 minutes after place. In If payment during this time is not received, the order for exchange of electronic money (Webmoney, Visa, Mastercard) will be closed automatically. After a successful means of payment of the o will transferred to your account Webmoney, Privat24 instantly.
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Automatic exchange Webmoney, wmz, wmr, wmu,
wme, wmb, wmg, Privat24, Visa/Mastercard
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