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Partner program

We pay you for order each new customer. Tell us about your friends, acquaintances, partners and earn.

Terms of partner program

Reward Partner Program is:
Earning per client's request: 10% of profit

Reference to attract customers and promotional materials are available in the section «Bonus» in your account.
If you represent a popular site, ready provision of quality traffic may pay for registration or increase the percentage of remuneration.
Charges for an partner program take place immediately after successful operation (register as a new client, conduct exchange transactions).
Bonus Account - your personal account, which reflects the overall balance Withdrawals from the partner program. Currency bonus account "$" - equivalent WMZ (title signs WMZ payment system Webmoney Transfer).
Withdrawals from the bonus account is performed on pre decorated the application in section «Bonus / Payout». The minimum amount for the withdrawal 10$. Withdrawal requests are processed in the first working day of each month. Transfer is carried out with the protection code, which is sent to your e-mail, and is also available in the section «Bonus / Payout».
Failure to pay the funds may be in cases of "wrapping" of earnings, creating a fictitious flow registrations/orders, the use of active advertising (other partner programs) ads on sites about earning online, advertising on Web sites created for advertising claims third parties (eg, by Webmoney Transfer) on held applications (waiver may be made only on the consideration claims, in case of violation by the participant affiliate program), attracted a client or the client.
All operations of an partner program recorded and stored in the section «Bonus / Operations».
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